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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunny Easter

This last weekend was crazy packed for Easter or Semonana Santa (holy week) for the Mexicans. I have never seen our little town more busy! It's always fun to have a change of people & feel the excitement of the holidays. I didn't however enjoy all the noise. Seriously I had a hard time falling asleep at night to the sound of ATV's roaming all around.
I started to notice it getting busy when I looked out our window Friday morning & saw this:
Seriously there is a dock down the road, but these bone heads in the jeep decided they would just drive down to the beach themselves. Where obviously they got stuck. It took this truck & a million mexicans to finally pull them out of the sand!
That afternoon Jer, Diesel & I went down to the beach to people watch, and boy was it entertaining!
 People, tents, cars, four wheelers & jet ski's all over the place. Love the dude fishing on the shore as well!

 And of course if it is busy this contraption is always flying around. Seemed so unsafe to let this little girl ride on her mamma's lap, but hey what do I know? I will never dare to fly in that thing!
It was almost comical to notice how unsafe everything was. No one on the jet ski's were wearing life jackets, & they were driving really fast right by the beach which is so scary since the water is really shallow. Young kids everywhere driving motorcycles/four wheelers with no parents or helmets. Diesel who was sitting close to our towel, almost got ran over by a dune buggy who was driving really fast in & out of people. That's not to mention all the people who were probably wasted & driving. Makes me thankful for all the safety laws we have in the states(and that we follow them)! It was a little frustrating to have all the people visiting from Mexi-Cali, because even though they are more well off, they defiantly don't take care of stuff & leave trash everywhere for other people to pick up! 

Saturday night we went to a really nice reservations only restaurant called Paco & Miguel's. Probably the only place in San Felipe that takes reservations, & only holds 10 people at a time. Paco is from Spain & is around 60 where Miguel is from Mexico & is in his 30's. They are gay & married in Spain last year, and the two of them run the restaurant together. So as you can imagine the service & food are spectacular.
 Earlier in the day Jeremy & I hung out at the pool & sipped Pina Colada's while reading, it was heaven!
Sunday I hid Jeremy a present (above) for easter! It's just not fun to have no hunt at all.. I was even a little bit sad that we didn't dye eggs, but oh well.
It was a lovely day at church with a baptism after. Here the kids are outside eating the candy we gave them for Easter. I swear the parents were just as ecstatic as the kids & were trying to steal some of it!
We invited a friend over for dinner because I had tons of food for company I thought was coming. I baked my first ham which turned out super yummy with Sandy's funeral potatoes that Jeremy requested. It was a delicious meal that we will probably be eating all week!
What a wonderful holiday weekend it was spending time together & thinking about the Savior.


  1. A pool sounds really nice right now! And your swim suit is adorable!!!

  2. ok, your life is amazing. "laying on the beach, sipping pina colodas while reading?" sigh.

    your pictures are looking so good! i am impressed!! go you!

    love you!

    ps where did you get your fab swim suit? i need it.

  3. It's funny because those idiots were us a few years back... Opps! hahahaha You're getting so good at picture taking! Yea!