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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blues & Arts Festival

I came back from Utah to San Felipe with Jeremy's parents. It's always nice to have visitors to switch things up a bit. Saturday Sandy & I hit up the pool to get some tanning & reading in, while Jeremy & Earl golfed. (Sandy is a reading fanatic, & knows every good book ever written) The weather was in the 80's which was just perfect. That night we attended the Blues & Arts festival which I have never been to. It was full of white older hippies, & only a few mexicans selling food. The music was ok, but I think had we stayed later they were saving the best musicians for last. They had a bunch of tents set up to sell art & such. I bought some jerky & doggy treats, the in laws bought some chocolate, while Jeremy came away with a iron decorative cross?? (as seen in the picture below) Random.. but oh well he said he was just supporting the arts!
Sunday Sandy & Earl got to come to our little branch & hear Jeremy speak in sacrament. Sometimes it amazes me how opposite we are. Jeremy like my own dad can prepare for ten minutes & give a wonderful 20 minute talk with no sweat. I on the other hand would prepare for hours to give a crappy 5 min talk & probably cry out of fear of speaking in public. (when I get nervous I add a bunch of "likes" into my sentences) My sweet husband knows this about me, & so when the branch president called to ask me to speak he volunteered in my place. *True Love* :) 
Monday we played a little couples golf & had dinner with some friends. It was a really fun weekend. Seems like Jeremy & I are so busy the next couple month's!! We seriously have plans every weekend. I love having things to look forward to.

Well better get back to conference.. I struggle to stay tuned during the women speakers, I know that's bad but maybe it's because their voices are so soothing?? ha


  1. I'm the exact same way with public speaking... last time I took 8 minutes and left Ladd with a half hour and he did awesome. Oh and I love that last picture of you guys!

  2. I was just talking about how the women speakers during conference are always the ones that finish and I realize I didn't listen to a thing they just said! They are so easy to tune out without realizing it! It's so weird!