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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Monday after Prezley was done competing we all got to visit disneyland! It was Hawkes first time @ the happiest place on earth & he really enjoyed it. His first ride being Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm pretty sure Meghan was more scared than he was!
He actually could go on quite a few rides, which was surprising.. We tried to convince Meg to ride the tower of terror but she is too big of a sissy! So this is as close as she got to an "adult" ride :)
2nd row on the left.
 Half way thru the day Jer met up with us with Truman. He was babysitting him while Amy & Chris move to a new pad! (Excited for them!) It was fun having such a big group.
 Jeremy's favorite ride is it's a small world, which really concerns my mom... Can't lie I think it's strange too, but I think he enjoys the culture of it? :)
 We left Disneyland at dinner to have a break & get some cheap pizza. Everyone needed to rest their feet for a bit. When we were well rested we headed back to watch the new attraction at California Adventure called a world of colors, or something like that.. It's basically the vegas water show with disney music & rainbows of color. Hawkes really enjoyed it..

Until he fell asleep... haha So funny seeing his head just slumped over :) It was really just ok, I probably wouldn't watch it again unless I was really close to see it well.
Meg headed back to the hotel to put him to bed while my mom, Prez & I headed out for one last ride. Prez chose the Jet star which was only 35 minutes. Not! That's what it said but it ended up being over an hour & a half! We were all half asleep in line.. Apparently on the ride too since we couldn't open our eyes..
I loved my trip!! Especially hanging out with little Hawkes. Can't wait for our trip next year!

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