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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Girls Cali Weekend + Hawkes

Last weekend was a wonderful treat. I got to hang out in Anaheim with my Mom, Prezley, Meghan & Hawkes. I feel like the Potters are getting so large these days, that it is nice to be able to spend quality time with just a few members of my large family at a time. Jeremy & I drove up Friday afternoon to San Diego & I drove the rest of the way to Anaheim. I seriously HATE driving his huge truck, it makes me really nervous especially when I don't know exactly where I am going. I will be really glad for my own hopefully much smaller vehicle some day. Friday night we just hung out & played with Hawkes as I'm sure we were all tired from traveling. I must say Hawkes was an angel the whole trip..
Seriously though, we practically tortured him to get these cute sad faces.
Mostly he looked like this.. So stinkin cute!
Hawkes with Grandma.
Happy as a clam this one.
Saturday we headed down to downtown Disney to shop around before Prezley's cheer competition. (Which is why we were in California by the way)
Prez's lovely outfit for the day..
 Prezley & I were feeling mighty unhappy in the morning due to girl issues but were pleased that some ib profin & shopping made us feel better. :) My mom & I bought twinner fanny packs which I was most excited about  as I have wanted one forever! I am hoping it will come in handy for Europe. We also got some makeup from Sephora especially for Prezley since she has Prom this Saturday. Meg & I also enjoyed some jamba juices which I crave often in MX especially during the hot summer. We walked back so Prezley could get competition ready. It was nice having our hotel right by the convention center & Disneyland though I feel as all the walking has really affected my calves!

That afternoon we headed to Prezley's first performance. It was really fun to watch her. I went back to watch her team warm-up & felt really nervous as it reminded me so much of when I competed in high school. Probably because my coach Shelly & tumbling coach Jason are now Prezley's all star coaches, strange huh? They did an AWESOME job with no major mistakes, & were pleased with their score against really talented California teams.
 Prez is front & center during the dance & motions because she is the best! She is a base in stunts & her tumbling is one of the best on her team, her pass being a whip whip handspring full I believe.. She also does a couple standing full passes as well! I just could never get the hang of a full, she is a much better gymnast than I ever was.
After she competed we headed over to the mall to get some shopping in. Meg made a hall at H & M as they have such a great little boys selection & I came away with a new easter swim suit from Jer :) That night we got too tired to leave our hotel but were very hungry.. After many failed attempts to get domino's we finally got some food from the hotel restaurant which was delicious. We teased my mom because she never seems to be hungry & said dad would have never let us go this long without food! 

Sunday morning we just relaxed in our room & watched the newest Harry Potter. After Prez left early for her competition the rest of us had a delicious lunch at the Cheesecake factory.
Jeremy stopped by after lunch to hang out & watch Prezley perform.
He is not a natural with babies just yet, though he does have about the same amount of hair as one..
 Hawkes with his headphones on to block out the loud competition music.
The most entertaining thing about Prezley is she has the best showmanship ever. She is front & center like I said because you can't not watch her. Here are some examples:
There 2nd performance went well but not as perfect as the day before which was a bummer. She made a tiny mistake and blanked out for a second on the dance because the girl next to her was a coupe counts early. It was seriously only 3 seconds before she caught back on. It was so sad though because she came out crying after they performed, which I have never seen by the way & it just broke our hearts. Seriously Meg & I teared up & Jeremy didn't know what to do which is totally unlike him. She was fine within a minute but I could understand her disappointment that she had put so much hard work in & was mad to make a mistake at her last competition. She really did amazing though, no stunts fell & her tumbling pass looked perfectly effortless. I miss cheer, so I am glad to have a little sister I can watch & can't wait to go to her competitions next year.

The whole gang. Jeremy was fascinated by the competition by that way. He really enjoyed asking questions & adding his own commentary on whether teams were good or not. I am positive he will be attending more cheerleading events :)
After her competition we made Jeremy & Prez pick us up some cheesecake to enjoy. Hawkes on the other hand just started eating people when he got hungry :)
That night we watched some cooking show, actually now come to think of it every night we watched some sort of cooking/baking show of sorts & ate random crap for dinner. We went to sleep early so we would be all energized for:
to be continued..


  1. Looks like so much fun! I was in all of those exact places just two weeks ago, and I already want to go back! Prezley is so talented- I miss doing cheer too, and it's so funny that Jason and Shelley are her coaches now- holy flash back!

  2. ok, I haven't been on your blog (or anyones for that matter) forever. It took me so long to catch up with all the stuff you have been up to! I can't believe how big your family is getting and how much older all the kids and babies are. It's amazing how fast time goes by. Congrats on the trip to Europe....Greg and I were planning a trip there right before I got pregnant with Kristin. Then we finally got pregnant and the cruise to Mexico was planned. Needless to say we never made it there and now a second is on the way, so it looks like it will be awhile before we get there. You're smart to do it now before kids. :) Your family is so cute and looks amazing. Hope you are doing well and it was fun to catch up through your blog. :)

  3. What a fun trip down memory lane I just had....I LOVED the competition trips! And Shelley and Jason are the bomb.com! LOVE THEM, they have been around forever! Sounds like such a fun trip! XOXO