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Monday, January 7, 2013

San Diego Xmas trip

Way back in December we headed to San Diego for Jeremy's work & for a small vacay.
We had a fun night heading to the Coronado Hotel to see all the Christmas Decorations.
We visited the Kemp's which was fun to see all the boy cousins together.
Staying in the hotel was not so fun this time as King wanted to crawl around (which I didn't let him YUCK!) and it was super boring for me to lay in the dark while he napped. But any who we did attend a holiday party at our friends the Tate's while we were in town.
King was really excited to see his girlfriend Samantha :)
But the quickly forgot about each other & tried to open all the shiny presents ;)
Festive mama's and babes
Trying to get a picture of Kingsley, Samantha & Tayber went a little something like this.. ha
Not the best picture but we had fun anyways :)
Now that King is older I don't know that I will be accompanying Jeremy on his quick trips to San Diego, but it was sure fun while it lasted :)

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