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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Potter clan family photos

While everyone was in town and home for the holidays we got everyone together for a family photo. Which is very difficult to coordinate with a family as big as ours. Picking out outfits & a location are tricky as well though I think we got some good ones.
It's crazy how big our family is getting! It will only continue to grow with three more to get married and babies galore! It was so funny to look thru all the out-takes because at least one or more persons eyes were closed, and someone was always looking at someone else. I will have to get better at photoshop so I can swap out peoples heads :)
Kingsley who usually is very photogenic was not really enjoying pictures that day..
How cute is this one below?? Reminds me of a catalog, especially with Hawkes laying on his arms like that :)
Can't believe I used to babysit Atlas when he was a tiny baby!
We took pictures at Jeremy's friends barn, which worked out perfect to keep the kids entertained with all the animals.
Can't believe my parents have 5 grandkids, all of them boys!
So funny when this white dog photo bombed the picture. ha :) You can see him weaseling his way in between my parents legs.
Love Atlas and Hawkes trying to save each other.
Love this big family of mine!


  1. This is one stylish family!! I want the love u bodysuit that the really little one has on!! I have been debating buying it!!

  2. Really this is big and stylish family..
    did they already prepared for photo shoot or that was normal day ??
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