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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kingsley is 8 months!

Seriously it seems like I just finished his 7 month post! 8 months just snuck on by, which is why I am a week late in posting..
No stats again until next month, but he definitely seems to be growing. According to our wii fit he is around 18 pounds right now. Seven to eight months has been a rough month for little bug as he got the saddest little cold, and is now cutting his first teeth :( 
A sick baby has really got to be one of the worst things in the world! He was only really bad for about four days, but I felt like I was loosing my mind listening to him cry all day without much sleep.
My little man sure is a little mover these days. He has mastered crawling, and follows me all over the place. His newest accomplishment is to pull himself up on things to a standing position. So with all his new skills I had to start baby proofing around the house to eliminate some of the heart attacks he was giving me! Safety first :)
Don't know if I can even get these shots anymore with his full body, as you can see I had to hold him down with my foot. 
This little guy is still a little jabbermouth, and besides saying dadada all the time he is now saying "goggie" meaning doggie. It is the cutest thing, so I guess I can forgive him that he still won't say any form of mom.
One of Kingsley's favorite hobbies these days is opening/closing doors, but mostly slamming it against the wall. I keep getting nervous he is going to slam his fingers in the door, but so far we have prevented any major injuries :/ 
Kingsley LOVES bath time! I swear this kid could sit in there all day long! Our tub is super deep so I have to get in with him, but I enjoy snuggling him while he relaxes. I can't wait for summer when I can take him swimming!
He no longer takes a binkie which makes me a little sad, but I guess it's easier not to have to break that habit. He loves his bottle and still breastfeeds some which is nice. He still is really bad at eating baby food though. He still just holds it in his mouth and lets it drip out, but I am determined to keep on trying!
Kingsley's schedule is pretty set these days which is nice.
I put him down around 7:30-8 and he sleeps a good 12 hours at night
8am- 8oz bottle & nurses
9am- attempt to eat baby food
9:30am- bath time
10am- nap time (1-2hrs)
12pm- 8oz bottle
1pm- another attempt to eat baby food
3pm- nap time
5pm- 8 oz bottle
6pm- yet another failed attempt to eat baby food
7-8pm- 8oz bottle & nurses before going down for the night
Don't you just want to eat his little face?? Love him!
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  1. He is just sooo handsome! I can't believe how big he is getting.