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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Family photos 2010

Wow this December has been CRAZY!! Between selling/making cardigan onesies, having family in town, and the usual christmas shopping I have been SO busy!!! So I am very very excited to be able to sit down and relax :) That means catching up on lots of blogging.

So a while back my cousin & I did a photo swap which worked perfect for christmas cards. Jeremy was very difficult, especially after we wasted 30mins looking for a spot that we finally found that had been demolished :( So we ended up back in Farmington. Here are some of my favorites..
This one below is what we used for our christmas cards. Which by the way I only sent half out, like I said it was kind of a crazy month.
Our outfits turned out more matchy matchy than I had intended, especially when Jeremy wanted to throw Diesel in the mix.
My favorites of the day were all the ones of Kingsley & Jeremy together.
Love this little cutie!! He is just so photogenic.
I liked our second outfits so much better, but unfortunately we were starting to lose light and Kingsley's & Jeremy's attention.
There you have it, my sweet little family :)

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  1. Very photogenic little one!! Loving all those smiles!! The frame picture is really cute :)