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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kingsley is 7 months!

And just like the others, seven months has come and gone so quickly!
This little bug is all over the place these days. Seven months has brought plenty of new tricks. He can totally sit up on his own now. He rolls, scoots, and basically crawls all over the place! It's more like an army crawl right now, but if he sees something he wants he gets himself from point A to B quickly! (Which makes getting him to sit still for a photo very difficult!)
As you can see K's hair has changed to a strawberry blonde/auburn color like mine did when I was little. Kingsley definitely seems so much bigger to us, though we don't have any stats to prove it. He is wearing size 3 diapers, 6-12month tops and still 3-6month bottoms.
 He has really started to take a liking to toys, which worked out perfect with Christmas time :) Although his three favorite things to play with are the remote, our phones, & paper. Seriously how does he know to go straight for the things we don't want him to have?? He also loves for you to read books to him.
Kingsley still has such a cheerful demeanor which makes Jeremy & I feel so lucky. He still loves to say dadada but occasionally will say mama after some coaxing. He is still so easy going, but does much better at home sleeping in his crib and staying on schedule. He loves to be out and about but won't nap as well in his car seat or stroller. He still consistently sleeps thru the night and wakes up between 7-8am. We are working on keeping him up longer during the day so he will take two longer naps instead of three shorter ones.
I have introduced baby food into this little man's life with the baby bullet I got for xmas. (which I highly recommend by the way) He still hasn't grasped the concept quite yet. It is really kind of a pain at this point as most of it ends up all over him, but I am trying to stick with it!
Kingsley really knows Jeremy and I at this point and reaches out for us which is the sweetest thing. He will squeeze around your neck or lay his head down on your shoulder which is just the best. That being said it does make things a little bit harder as now he doesn't really like us to leave him to be babysat.
 We love this little guy so much, can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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  1. Happy 7 months :)!! Little man is growing fast!! & sure stylin!!