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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

going away party. part 2

My handsome brother Nick who is driving further & further away from me as we speak :(
Here are some more party moments:
Seriously though I can't wait to see Karen's book finished. You will totally want to buy one, because you & your kids will love it, it's so adorable!
Here Jeremy is investigating clues Prezley had given on the last boy she kissed :) These two sort of have a weird love hate relationship..
below: my mom, grandmother, & aunt Pam
One of the things I was most excited for was to give Atlas the gift I made for him. He really is the sweetest kid on the planet & I am going to miss him dearly.. Any who, he loves holding all of our lagoon passes and looking at the pictures & then saying our names, so I thought he might also love a little book with pictures of our whole family. (plus that way maybe he won't forget about us..) So I scoured the web for a board book & finally found a decent site called my custom story. Even though I didn't care for the difficulty of using the site I LOVED the finished product! So cute & little enough to squeeze in the diaper bag.
I really really hope he doesn't forget about me..
I miss them already.. I'm mad at myself for not getting a picture of all of us before they left. Hopefully I will get to see them at Christmas!

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