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Thursday, August 25, 2011

cute enough to eat

Why is Diesel hiding in the bathroom behind the toilet you ask?
Well it's a rather funny story, so I will tell you:
 As I went in to my super cluttered craft room yesterday, I noticed some things that didn't seem right. Hmm.. it seemed as if Diesel had been in there and chewed up some of my supplies.. I thought to myself how strange..Diesel hardly ever chews up anything besides his alloted toys? Then as I took a closer look I realized he must have thought my lovely Amy Butler decorative brads were candy! Yes my little pup will do anything to find himself some food :)
They didn't even smell like anything, I checked. 
So in my annoyed state I called downstairs to Jer for him to discipline his dog! (We don't like to claim him as our own when he has been naughty.) Jeremy who was busy playing angry birds at the time yelled at Diesel in a fake angry voice to come to him. Jeremy couldn't find Dies for a minute, but then called up to me saying "Cassie you have to come see this!" Well Diesel must have already known he was in trouble & had decided to punish himself & went straight into the bathroom to hide. (this is where we regularly put him if he has done something naughty)
I mean REALLY.. How can you be mad looking at that face? He really has mastered the puppy dog eyes don't you think??
Well we didn't have it in us to reprimand him at that point so we decided to let him off with a warning & a few pictures :)
(I will have you know Jeremy is the softy of the two of us, I am going to have to discipline our kids because he really can't do it even with Diesel)
I do have to say these little brads are mighty sweet, I can see why Diesel thought they would taste yummy! They were almost cute enough to eat!


  1. This is HILARIOUS! That look he is giving is soooo funny, I love it! I'm dying to get a dog but alas I have to wait at least a year according to my husband. Diesel is adorable though!

  2. That is so freaking funny he put himself in time out!!