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Sunday, August 28, 2011

embroidered onesie's

Of all the crafts I have meddled in embroidery has been the only that has stuck. Ya.. no more sewing or jewelry making for me. I'm like an old lady, I love to get some thread & just stitch away for hours. And because I love anything mini, embroidering on onesie's for little tykes is my favorite! Here are a couple I stitched up for some new babes in my life...

Jeremy is always begging me to sale my work instead of letting them pile up in my craft room, so I am considering opening up my own etsy shop & selling onesie's with embroidered details. Now here's where you come in.. Good idea? Something worth a try? Awesome? or nothing new? I would LOVE to hear your opinion. Please spare any thoughts you have. Thanks a million!
xoxo Cass


  1. I vote YES!!! Look at you little Miss Entrepreneur.

  2. I say definitely yes! And there are lots of preggo's I know right now so I will purchase!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE these! I would definitely buy some for my baby!