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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Reunion (Jeremy's family)

So we planned our next gig in Utah so we could attend the Hansen/Neely family reunion. This is Jeremy's mother's side of the family. So we headed up to Preston Idaho on family property for a fun filled weekend!
we rode horses
I have always loved horses. It took me a second to get comfortable, but I would just love to have a horse one day that I could ride around.
we tubed the bear river
attended the famous Preston night rodeo
Can you believe how daring cowboys are!? I love it!
Sandy's whole side of the family camped out on the property while us Kemp's wussed out & stayed at Grandma Hansen's house.. They are way more hardcore then we are :)
The next morning Jeremy had a blast having his first paintball experience!
All those brave enough to play
the battle wounds!
this is Jeremy's leg after we got home!! Can you believe he wanted to play again??
There were so many fun activities, but some people just enjoyed relaxing. One of those being Earl, he enjoyed chatting, sleeping & eating all in his chair :)
they roasted a delicious pig!
Those are not guts inside, it's lemons & flavoring!
there was fishing
and snakes.. EW!
and sweet grandma Hansen :)
The whole clan in attendance.
We had such a blast & can't wait until next year!

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  1. Cass, you are so legit at taking pictures (This is Missy Whittingham by the way). Please teach me to be as cute as you especially how to dress while wearing G's!