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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Craft time

Yep I love me some craft time! :) Pinterest has really helped me to keep all my DIY projects all in one place, not to be forgotten. I fell in love when I saw this DIY with paint chips cut into triangles. There is nothing I love more right now than geometric shapes & tons of colors! 
Here is my finished piece! 
Supplies needed to make one of these beauties:
 (size of your choice)
*paint samples
(I got mine from lowes, home depot & walmart. "Stealing" the paint samples was a little embarrassing for me but no one seemed to care?)
 (after trying a couple different kinds, I would actually suggest a plain old glue stick! The craft glue was messier, made the corners curl up from the moisture & you couldn't move the paint chips around much once you had placed them.)
I love how customizable this art piece is with millions of color & shape options. Here are a couple examples of what we came up with...
I ended up making a million different versions of this DIY (I will post the other renditions later). Not only is it basically free, especially if you already have a frame on hand, but it is super simple! Even more simple when I realized I could take all my paint chips to my mom's school and use a die cut to get perfect shapes instead of doing them by hand with scissors! The shapes don't match up as perfectly when you cut them by hand.
Doesn't it just look lovely!!??
At one point the little ones had gone quiet & we suspected mischief.. 
someone had found the glitter :) Hehe
 how cute is Emmerson with a glitter makeover?
A big thanks to Bri for a delicious lunch & letting us make your a mess at your house! Can't wait for the next craft day! If you live in Utah feel free to join anytime :)

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