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Monday, August 22, 2011

fly away with me

The good news is my brother got accepted into a master's program at Brown University, because he is so very smart & talented. The bad news is that means he, my sister in law & nephew are all moving to Rhode Island.. :(
So it was defiantly necessary to throw them a going away party!
(plus I hear they bring good luck  ;))
I had seen this sweet hot air balloon dessert station & knew something similar would be perfect as a going away theme.. I was so pleased with how it turned out!
(Please forgive the horrible lighting in this first photo, but I couldn't delay the guests from eating just to get a good photo of the spread, so at least you get the idea of what it looked like before. Guess next time I need to plan ahead for picture taking :))

I have had my eye on these adorable miniature hot air balloons for a while now, so I'm glad I finally had a reason to buy them! 
The travel treats were filled with my favorite candy fun dip!
these balloons were gigantic! I felt really silly with them crammed in the car with me after I had filled them up :)
I couldn't pass up these awesome notes from target so we can be pen pals while they are away!

Well there ya have it. Throwing parties might be my newest hobby :) I really did enjoy decorating & baking.
Party details:
globes borrowed from my mother's school.
minature hot air balloons found on amazon.
tree stumps, vintage luggage & cake stands all borrowed.
Izzie's bought at costco. (buying in bulk is always cheaper :))
coconut cupcakes & key lime pie made by my mother & me.
raspberry french macaroons purchased from Les Madeleines in SLC.
serving tray purchased at ikea.
paper straws, oversized balloons, striped paper plates, & pink garland purchased from shop sweet lulu.
So sad to see Nick, Erin & Atlas go, but technically I don't really live in Utah either so I guess I will just have to visit them in Rhode Island! I HATE goodbyes, so I am just saying this is a see ya later type deal:)
A little more on the party in another post, this one is a little to picture heavy already :)


  1. Uhh...bravo on this party!! About the cutest event I've ever seen! And that's awesome about your bro going to Brown. Sheesh gimme his brain.

  2. Cassie, you're a pro!! That was darling.

  3. cutest party ever! seriously, i love every detail!!

  4. And it really was even cuter in person! So, should I expect you Wednesday to set up Liya's party??

  5. where did you purchase the small hot air balloons?

  6. I'm interested in the hot air balloons also, did you make them?