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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekend happenings

We arrived in Utah Friday afternoon. That night we went with Earl & Sandy (Jeremy's parents) to Teppanyaki's. It is pretty much the only place we go to dinner with them, because we all love it so much. After dinner we met my dad, mom & Jarsted for a movie. Funny enough my cousin Brooke & her husband Vaughn were there so we all sat together... basically in the front row :)
My dad & John.
These two were mission companions in England & have stayed close friends. John lives in Seattle & has done lasic eye surgery for most of our family, including me. It was fun to have him staying at the house for the weekend, as it is so fun to hear all his traveling adventures!
We hadn't informed my parents we were coming into town, taking the "surprise" route. We dropped Diesel off when they weren't home & then Jeremy called & proceeded to tell my mom that we had lost Diesel in California so to be aware in case anyone calls. Jeremy hoped that she would believe Diesel walked home. ha Anyway she caught on faster than my dad did, that we were in town.
Saturday Jeremy golfed with his dad, my dad & John, while my mom, Prezley & I visited my grandma Lou. She was so sweet, but was really confused to where she was :(
That evening we went to dinner with Nick, Erin & Atlas to celebrate Nick's exciting graduate acceptances. It was so fun to get to hang out. I am looking forward to visiting them wherever they move to!
After dinner we decided to stop by Landon & Meg's house with Atlas. We were going to surprise them at Hawkes blessing, but thought it might throw Landon off if Jeremy just suddenly showed up in the circle. :)
It was so fun to see how much Hawkes had grown! He really is so adorable & looks just like his dad to me.
This is how Atlas chilled on the way home. I took a million pictures because I thought it was so funny he was just relaxing in his car seat :) He seems so much older now that he is talking more & let's me hold him without crying. Jeremy loved talking "gibberish" with him..

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