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Friday, March 18, 2011

Kat Von D & Me! @ the baja 250

There has been a lot of noise & rumble down here in San Felipe this last weekend because of the baja 250. It's fun to see the ranch so crowded & full of people & movement.
I have never really been into off roading vehicles, motorcycles, or even four wheelers so I wasn't that interested in joining the festivities.. But Jeremy is obsessed with the trophy trucks so he talked me into going. (also all of his friends bailed out so I was really his only option)
 I heard at the pool that Jesse James (Sandra Bullocks Ex, who is also the tv star & CEO of West Coast Choppers) was staying at a condo near ours & got really excited! Not to see him at all, but to see his fiance Kat Von D (famous tattoo artist on TLC's LA ink) 
I'm not sure why but I have always been a fan of Kat & frequently find myself watching her show, so I was thrilled at the idea of possibly seeing her at the race.

The night before we headed to the malecon for the pre race celebrations. It was fun playing pool on the 2nd floor of the rockadile & being able to look down at all the people thru binoculars. Well not for long.. Jeremy & I witnessed a huge beat down. It was really scary to watch this huge dude punching & kicking this smaller older guy. People started throwing beer on the guy till he finally stopped (it seemed like his friends had made a circle to keep others from stepping in) I had nightmares that night, I just really hate confrontation/fighting it makes me feel sick inside. The cops were out looking for him, but I don't know if they ever found him.
The next morning we woke up early & battled it thru the busy streets to see the start of the race. I was a little nervous from the incident the night before, but everything turned out awesome! I was on the lookout the whole time to see if I could spot Kat, & I was amazed that I spotted her on our way there while we were in the car! (I guess it's not that hard with all her tattoos) but I couldn't get my camera out in time to get a picture of her :(
We got special VIP passes so we could be right up next to the trucks which was pretty cool. It honestly was kind of neat to see all these vehicles up close, though I felt bad that everyone was freaking out when famous drivers like Robby Gordon drove by when I had no clue who he was? I brought my ipod (just in case I got bored) which came in handy since it was SO loud! So there we were in the thick of huge rumbling trucks & a massive crowd of people...
when something magical happened..
I spotted HER!
Yes Kat Von D was right across the street from me!
I don't know why, but I was REALLY star struck. I have seen famous people before & not really cared at all but for some reason I was in awe when I saw her in person.
I wanted a picture of her but I didn't want to bother her, & of course didn't dare to ask her..
So my awesome husband did me a solid and asked her if I could get a picture with her :)
And she said YES!!
Let me just tell you she was SO nice. She was super friendly & even told me thanks for the picture & to have a nice day! I was too in shock to really say much but I do think I blubbered thank you so much a couple times. :)
Well after that I was basically on cloud nine the rest of the day. 
We stayed the morning to watch all the trucks take off. The weather was so great, it felt like the 4th of July to me with everyone out & about.

Here is the famous Robby Gordon. He had a seriously massive crew with him with a semi truck helicopter & all!
Jeremy was so proud off this picture he took of the red bull truck taking off at the start line.
And here we have Jesse James. Unfortunately he put his mask on before we could get a good picture of his face, but I heard he is not very friendly anyways..
Here we have me taking a picture of Kat who is taking a picture of Jesse with her iphone :)
That was the last time I saw Kat.. After Jesse took off she probably went off in a helicopter to watch the rest of the race.
I did stalk her website when I got home & saw a link that she tweeted this pic below with the caption:
 "I miss you already. :( " @freejessejames
Just in case you weren't positive it really was Kat, so here is proof :)
Well I am now a big fan of the Baja 250, it was a really fun event. All those who bailed really missed out!


  1. That looks really fun! Love the picture of you and Kat.. how cool!

  2. Kat Von D is gross!!! I still can't believe I let you hold Hawkes after touching her. You will be in so much trouble if he gets sick. ***sound of me dry heaving while looking at the picture of her*** What a dirty, dirty person.