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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lucky Weekend

This weekend I got lucky.
Last minute I got to go home to Utah. 
It was SO good to see my family.
I got to celebrate my brother's acceptance(s) into graduate school & see another brother bless his baby.
I will post more about it tomorrow as well as the Carnival celebration I attended all today.
Also wanted to say how grateful I am for you Jodie! You are the best friend, we had a wonderful weekend. 


  1. You look like such a hottie in the pic!!! :) How fun you got to go home and see your family.....the unexpected part is even better.

  2. um, that is the most amazing picture. he looks just like you! and i kind of want to steal him.
    and yes, yes, yes! let's hang out when you come. i would love nothing more. call or text when you have some time.
    love you!

  3. cassie that is a beautiful picture...i want to be you.

  4. I'm so glad you could come! What a great weekend to be here :)