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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Start

I arrived in Utah Friday, & it was a great start to a hopefully awesome week.
I got to go downtown SLC to check out Nick & Erin's latest art collection.
It was really cool, they had some really great pieces. My favorite was either the top right or the colorful horse one in the middle of the bottom right picture. I loved all the bright colors mixed with the more neutral pieces.
Hawkes was very pleased with his aunt & uncle.
It was a very happy night.
It was Atlas's 2nd birthday & he got a bunch of sesame st. books & stuff. (He LOVES sesame st especially the cookie monster.) He was very happy with his presents...
even though he had a melt down when other people were holding his stuff.. he is too cute!

The buildings surrounding the copper palate (where they were showing their art) were full of different art/graffiti. Such a fun background for pictures!

That night I got to play with Atlas & hang out with Landon, Meg, Jaxon, & Hawkes. Atlas is SO fun & full of energy. He was running all over the place with "Jackie." 
Such a fun night.

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