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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blessing Hawkes

Sunday was the most delightful of days. We attended Hawkes blessing at Landon & Meg's church in SLC. It's a really cool old building with equally as cool old people. (More just weird old people, but I felt right at home since our ward is similar.)
The after party was full of:
cute grandparents
Crazy kiddos
family photo's in kitchen
gentlemen modeling
matching accessories 
awake baby
sleeping baby
dueling pianos
sneaky brothers
and one low grade ninja.
Plus all the normal stuff like good food, conversation & family.
Meg, Landon & Hawkes. Landon did a superb job giving the blessing, & Meg did an even better job of making the baby :)
Hawkes was an angel all day, letting a million different people hold him & take pictures of him.
Jer taking ONE good photo
The whole Potter clan. I can't believe how big our family is getting! Feels like I need more than a weekend to see every family member. I love having a big family though, it's double the fun :)
It was a lovely day seeing this little one blessed.

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