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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Carnaval 2011

This last Tuesday I heard it was the last day of the Carnaval celebration. It is basically Latin America's version of Mardi Gras. I convinced Gardenia to come with me even though she had already gone over the weekend, grabbed my camera and this is what I got.
The parade had a few floats, but mostly dance groups. The dancers were pretty impressive.
They were decked out head to toe! Well most of them anyways.. I can't fathom dancing all day in those tiny stilettos!
This was the very flamboyant Carnaval king :)
This was the 1st place float by El Dorado Ranch.
The dances were really technical & at least 5 minutes long! From what I remember about doing parades in HS & Jr High cheer I can't imagine how hot & tired they must have been. (loved the boy with the belly shirt, haha)
These girls were so cute posing for me. Love the little chubs on the left.
How awesome is this little boys hair?
I tell you what all the dancers had a lot of "flavor" if you will. They teach them to booty shake pretty young, that's for sure. 
Most interesting part of the parade were the alarming amount of transvestites... It is pretty sad because they are so young. We have seen the one with the long black hair around town a couple times.
There you have it Carnaval 2011. My camera really is my new best friend, I can't go anywhere without it!

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