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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lake Powell 2014

I was so sad I didn't bring my camera this trip. SO a couple iphone pics and description will have to do. So first off this is the first time I have left Kingsley and Hudson EVER! We left Kingsley one night for our anniversary & Hudson never more than a couple hours! I was pretty nervous & stressed out, but they did great. So great in fact that neither of them wanted to come to me when I got home :( I may have cried just a little. I must have looked different because Kingsley kept asking Jeremy "Is that my mommy?" So I wasn't stoked about that, but we did have a fun trip.
We drove down with the Schoutens and Sanders. Tanner and some of his friends met us down there as well as Chris Tate. The food was of course delicious. We found the best spot in between a tall rock wall and sand cove. We mostly surfed behind the boat and laid out on a big tube. There was also a lot of embarrassing stories told! ha
We managed to get away with no injuries and only a minor ticket so that counts as a successful trip for us!

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