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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hudson is 9 months!

My little Huddy Buddy! Oh how I love this little guy. I'm super late on posting this month, but hopefully I can remember everything. I have never thought this before but looking at these photos Hudson actually looks a ton like me as a baby.
 I promptly cut Hudson's hair after this picture since his sides are a gross mess. ha
 Hudson's 9 month stats:
Weight: 18 pounds 10 oz @ 27%
Height: 28.4 inches @ 41%
Head: 45.72 cm @ 65%

 So overall he is on the small side, but at least his head isn't huge. He was low on Iron, so I need to give him more formula since he doesn't breast feed at all.
 This guy has been slobbering a ton lately. I keep assuming because he is teething, there are still no signs of any.
 Hudson is still pretty hot & cold. He is either the happiest and smiling, or cranky and crying. Not very chill like Kingsley was. For the most part he is pretty pleasant though and gets the hugest grin when either Jeremy or I come in the room. He still doesn't like strangers, but has warmed up to all of the family, boys included.
 Hudson has some new tricks this month. Along with saying momma he has now learned how to say dada and babble other things. He has recently been chewing on his tongue and making clicking sounds. Hudson likes to wave his hands in the air, and can occasionally clap when I sing to say Patty Cake :) He also can give kisses which are very wet and open mouthed!
 Hudson's schedule has remained constant which is nice. He always goes down around 8-8:30 and wakes up around the same time. Sometimes 7:30 if King gets up loudly. He sporadically wakes up in the night and needs a binky and to be rocked or a bottle. During the day he takes two naps. Both about an hour and a half to two hours. He loves to chew on and cuddle with his snuggly. He occasionally falls asleep in the car if he is exhausted. Hudson loved baby food and would eat anything I gave him until we took a trip to California this month. All the sudden he wouldn't eat any of it and just sticks his tongue out. Strange because he doesn't have any teeth, but now he just loves any solid food. Chicken, beans, avocado, corn, watermelon, ham, spaghetti, honestly anything Kingsley is eating he wants. He is also obsessed with drinking water. He starts giggling and panting like a dog every time he sees me filling up a sippy he is so excited. He kinda chokes on it most the time. Hudson has recently stopped taking his binky which is a little sad for me.
 Hudson is such a busy body. He is always moving, crawling, or climbing. He loves to go up the stairs, so I need to teach him how to come back down. He pulls himself up on everything, cabinets, chairs, ect. He has started to walk and stand which is crazy to me. He loves to cruise around with his little walker as long as he can until Kingsley steals it.. He has even taken a few steps back and forth between Jeremy & I. He is pretty brave, so I bet he will walk soon. Because Hudson is such a mover he is also pretty accident prone. Kingsley was very cautious but Hudson is so confident that he is often falling or bumping into things. He got his first black eye this month, pulling some folding chairs over on him at Grandma JuJu's house. Although he is all over the place he still loves to be held. I need to remember to enjoy it because I know that won't continue much longer.
I just love to cuddle this sweet baby!

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