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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Seaworld 2014

On Monday Chris & Amy and the boys came down and we all headed to Seaworld.
First we went and saw the Shamu show. Can't say it was as awesome as I had imagined as a kid, but hopefully the boys enjoyed it. It was a super hot day, which makes sitting without shade pretty uncomfortable.
This is probably describes how Hudson felt most of the day.. Hot, tired, and cranky.
It's hard traveling with a young baby for sure, since it's not like he really understood or was entertained by any of it.
I would say Kingsley's favorite part of the day was probably looking at all of the fish in this aquarium with Teddy. He found a fish like Nemo, and Dori so he was pretty excited about that.
I enjoyed the aquariums also, even though they were pretty crowded.
The second show we went to was the dolphin show which I really liked. Obviously these was a bunch of dolphins doing flips, but also the trainers could get in the water and do tricks with the, plus there were divers which were pretty cool.

We stopped for a slushie break which was so nice.
Kingsley thought it was so fun to have Truman carry him :)
The last show we went to was the Sea Lions, and it actually ended up being my favorite. It was pretty funny, and we had good seats so it was fun to see it all close up.
Kingsley also loved seeing the penguins.
All in all it was a really fun time, though I think we enjoyed the zoo and disneyland more. I think Seaworld would have been better in the fall when it's cooler and less crowded. We had a good time that afternoon though hanging out and swimming in the pool. (no photos) Truman was kindly throwing a toy to Kingsley and since he can't catch, it hit his face. He didn't really mind, but you will notice in the remaining photos that's why he has a scratch on his face and black eye. ha

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