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Friday, September 19, 2014

Kingsley lately

While doing Hudson's monthly updates Kingsley always wants to jump in the photos. So I figured it's about time for a little update on him. Kingsley is currently 28 months.
Where do I even begin to describe this kid. He is just so easy and happy going. He loves T.V and would watch all day if I let him. The shows he likes most are paw patrol, bubble guppies, and wally kazam. His favorite movies are Dumbo, Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Ariel. Kingsley absolutely loves to play outside! Our yard is a little difficult since we are on a busy rode and the back yard has steep rocks. He does love to play with the water table we put out back even though he is always soaking when he's finished. He especially loves when we go over to grandma JUJU's because he can jump on the tramp, swing on the neighbors swings, or ride his scooter. He is so good on his scooter and loves to be just like his uncle Jacky. He loves to ride it to the park and has even started doing jumps.
Kingsley is so smart! He loves to do flash cards with animals on it. He can also count to ten and is getting better at his colors. He speaks really well, and remembers anything we say.
This kid is half way potty trained, I am going to get serious about training him this week. He already goes poop on the potty and has for a couple months, now we just have to work on going pee. He can pull down his pants and hop up on the big toilet by himself. He was never a fan of the small potty.
My new favorite thing Kingsley does is sing in the car. It's basically the cutest thing ever!
Kingsley is a very polite boy, always saying please, bless you, and thank you. He is a big helper to me. He will clean up his toys, feed Diesel, throw things away, and bring me things I ask for. He loves helping me clean too.
Sometimes Kingsley is not so great with Hudson. He wants to play with him but usually just smashes him or knocks him over. I am sure he will love it when Hudson is old enough to actually play with him. Kingsley eats the typical kid food such as nuggets, mac & cheese, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are probably his favorite. This kid especially loves sweets. Cookies, Ice Cream and Chocolate is his favorite. :) My growing boy now wears 2T tops but still 18-24m bottoms.
We just love this sweet Kingsley. He is the best!

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