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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kingsley's first Halloween

Holidays are a lot more awesome with a baby. Especially getting to dress him up for halloween! I had such a hard time deciding what to have him be.. Jeremy and I did not agree on anything. We wanted to do family costumes, but when he was set on star wars I decide to just bag it & have Kingsley shine on his own as a gnome :)
The Saturday before we went to a halloween brunch up at Oakridge.
We brought Eeyore  from Winnie the Pooh :) He wouldn't keep his hood/head on though
There was a cute muppet puppet show to watch
also games & food. really I just wanted a reason & place to get Kingsley dressed up since he is obviously too young to trick or treat
Besides his eyes, I really think he looks like his dad.
My happy little gnome :)
We wore flannels to match him a bit. I should have made us matching hats.
Here Jeremy is pestering Hawkes/Eeyore like usual. Poor kid, I mean look at his face?!
Kingsley wanted Diesel to dress up with him :)
Despite Diesel's expression he really does enjoy dressing up

That afternoon I decided Diesel needed some attention so why not take him to the petco costume contest
He of course was the cutest dog there.
His shinning moment :)
To keep the halloween festivities going we saw Prezley off to her high school dance that evening.
Fairies and wizards
Potter Girls :)
I had to throw this picture in of when we visited my mom at school :)
I have to end this post with one last picture of my little gnome. Can't wait to dress him up again next year!


  1. Cassie, Kingsley is SO adorable!! I love love love his costume. You guys are a darling family :)

  2. What an awesome costume!! Love it :)