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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back to San Felipe

Jeremy had to head down to Tijuana for work so we took a short little trip back to San Felipe for shrimp festival last weekend. Jeremy loved going back and seeing all his old friends. Turns out traveling with an infant is really hard.. Not that Kingsley himself is hard, but trying to keep his schedule all together was rough. Naps every two hours really makes going out & about tricky. So while the boys mostly golfed during the day, we hit up the pool. and I documented it, because babies partying at the pool is pretty cute ;)
Samantha couldn't keep her hands off King, even wearing his shirt to hide his chubby tummy :)
Loving this face all day long!
and this wispy hair :)
We went to my favorite El Nidos for a lovely dinner
The little ones went on their first real date. It was really romantic as you can see..
We ventured out to shrimp festival both nights. The first night 
Getting street churros..
We are trying to get as many pictures are we can of Kingsley & Samantha for their wedding video ;) Yes we are totally into arranged marriages.
The King and his dad in our old backyard.
Jeremy making sure he is sucking in, ha ha
Love these boys :)
We had large amounts of chips & salsa + pina coladas!
My kid is such a ham
He loved getting in the pool even though the water wasn't warm
"natural shots" thanks to Wes :)
Apparently this is a face I make often.. weird.
Teaching them to swim early
The two baldies hanging out :)
These last photos are from my iphone so excuse the quality. Jeremy is the Social Mayor of San Felipe, which is probably why he loves it so much! We couldn't take a couple steps withut someone stopping him so excited to see him :)

This is what happens when you take your baby to Mexico.. They try to give him beer. I almost died! Jeremy saved him before I had a melt down.
 We love Pina Coladas though!
 We got stuck at the border for 2 hours :/ so we decided might as well teach Kingsley how to drive..
 I spent a couple days relaxing in San Diego while Jeremy was working in Tjuana. Kingsley and I mostly just stayed at the hotel.
 My sweet traveling man :)
So happy to be back home! Routines and sleeping in my own bed is the best.

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