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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Family Photos: The Perry's

So while we were in San Felipe I got to take some family photos of the Perrys. The lighting and background worked out amazingly, I was so excited how these pictures turned out. Samantha was a dream model, just smiling at me the entire time :) We did just the girls in the beginning while Wes was late golfing..
I mean seriously could they be better looking?
You wouldn't even know Samantha is only 6 months. She is so strong and can basically stand all on her own!
This little face! :)
When Wes finally showed up. I loved the colors Rachelle had put together with their outfits.
We decided to take some more back by their house in Old Town San Diego too.
How cute is her little outfit? I can't wait to dress a little girl one day :)
Once Wes was sick of being in pictures I switched him & he took some of us girls and our babies
This is what I do when my kid spits up.. haha tip him over like a tea pot so he doesn't get his outfit dirty!
We just love our babies SO much!
I pray for the day that Rachelle (& family) will move to Utah. Until then I guess we will just visit back and forth. Love you guys!!!

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