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Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Spirit

I can't believe the holidays are already here! I am so excited! (Especially for christmas) 
We had a new arrival to the Potter clan, he came so quickly my mom & I even missed his arrival... 
Introducing Everton Waite Potter.
He is the 5th grandson for my parents. Apparently boys are the trend. He is adorable & tiny. Can't wait till Kingsley, Cosby and Everton can all play when they're older.
This year we had Thanksgiving with the whole Potter side. Our extended family is so huge that we have to hold it at the church. (My dad has ten brothers & sisters!) Kingsley very much enjoyed his first Thanksgiving :)
 Spending time with Grandma & Grandpa :)
The food was delicious of course!
I am SOOOOOOO  thankful for this little man and his constant smile. Just brightens my life everyday!
6 months is such a fun age!
Over the weekend I thought it would be fun for Kingsey to meet Santa. (I had to drag Jeremy since apparently going to the mall is the worst thing ever?)
I thought  he might be scared, but he really just wanted to pull Santa's beard :)
He even got a free book :) They told us to "refrain" from taking pictures.. but we just couldn't! (They wanted to charge you $25 for a picture, such a rip off!) Jeremy hid & took some from a far.
Hawkes also enjoyed meeting Santa :)
Kingsley has been a really good boy this year, so I'm sure he will get lots of presents :)
He also meet Santa again at my parents ward Christmas party.
So many firsts this year as we went to pick out our own real tree. I would love to cut my own down one year, especially when King is old enough to come along.
I love the deer in the headlights look they both have :)
Jeremy picked the tallest/fattest tree there. Which at the time seemed like a good idea since our living room is pretty spacious with high ceilings.. but the amount of lights and decorations  to decorate the thing has become a challenge.
Love this bundled guy :)

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  1. Oh my goodness Cass, he is so handsome! 6 months is the funnest age! Your onesies are thee cutest things! I'm going to order some right now! I love the bg polka dot one! Good thing little girl is on her way! xo