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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


For some reason Halloween has really snuck up on me this year. Every year after halloween I always have awesome ideas of what I should be the next year but always end up forgetting them. I'm too late this year (or perhaps just too lazy) to come up with anything spectacular to dress up as. However I fell in love with these pictures of a beautiful red velvet cape & wanted to post them for inspiration for next year.
I have actually always wanted a red cape anyways, so it could be a win win! Diesel doesn't really fit a "wolf" dog, but maybe he would consider dressing as one for a day. Jeremy would totally be an awesome wolf grandma. He does enjoy wearing dresses!
Exhibit A:
These were taken in 2008 when Jeremy & I were dating while I lived in Maui!

As I was searching through my iphoto I couldn't help but grab some of these pictures of halloweens past!
left: my most beloved childhood halloween where my mother painted our faces with glitter paint. right: Jaxon as a mermaid :)
2008: Diesel as a Devil.. sometimes it still suits him 
One of our most creative halloweens, when my roomates & I dressed as the Spice girls. I was baby spice if you can't tell. haha
Landon as David Bowie in the Labryinth :)
and some very old costumes of Nick & Landon. Gotta love old photos :) Sorry Tanner & Prez I didn't have any halloween oldies of you..
Hopefully this has brought you some halloween cheer!

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