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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Park City

Last week Jeremy & I headed up to Park City with Meg, Landon & Hawkes. I have never really understood the hype about the place, though we did have a wonderful time. I guess I did love going up as a kid to stay in our cabin & go snowboarding.
Anyways we hit up the outlets, and you will all be happy to know Jeremy purchased himself some new clothes. We had some delicious food as you can tell by our cleaned plates :) We also grabbed some chocolate items on the way out.
Hawkes was a little angel baby the whole time. I have to say my favorite part of our outing was actually the ride home when Meg & I jammed out to some sweet jr high tunes like Nsync, Usher, Mariah Carey & such. Jeremy & Landon were not as amused but Hawkes was definitely feeling it. He would shake his head back and forth & giggle when I sung "you make me wanna" by Usher. I think he will be invited to our next girls night where we jump on the bed & sing into our hair brush microphones :) Meg can you hook up the playlist??

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