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Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Project #2

This is what I came up with to decorate our house for February 14th. Maybe once I have a banner for every occasion I will stop making them? :) I just love how cute & simple they are.
 Jeremy helped me take some photo's of our love banner outside. He's into banners too which is a plus!
 I am glad Jer wanted to practice his photography skills, so he knows how to use our camera as well. That way he can take pictures with me in them if I need him too. :)
Jeremy keeps complaining about having to celebrate Valentine's, and also keeps giving me very vague answers as to what our plans might be. I'm hoping that means he is trying to surprise me, & not that he really has no clue at all. I'm a little nervous to find out!
xoxo Cassie

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  1. Cute banner, you little home maker you! Hope you two are doing great! I need to get on the blogging thing a little more :)