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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How old is too old?

 Is there an age limit to when you are supposed to stop sending Valentine's? I hope not, because I'm 25 & still sending them.. I don't think you should ever be too old for cute stationary & candy! Let's be honest, I will use any excuse to get out my Martha Stewart glitter :)
Today was a rough day in primary.. At one point there was a dog pile that ended up with a  child hurt of course. I pulled him out of the bottom of the pile to comfort him. Once he had finished crying we noticed he had a bloody nose that had gotten all over my shoulder.. rats, I hope it washes out. :( Besides that the communication issues were higher today then usual, which is always annoying for both parties. Anyways better luck next week right?

Jeremy & I have a Valentine's dinner to attend to tonight. We thought we had bought tickets for tomorrow but apparently it had always been set for tonight.. Oh well, I hope the food is good :) Hope we can figure out something semi festive for tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe I will clean the house :)


  1. Cute Valentines Cas! Sorry about the bloody shoulder... I hope you weren't wearing one of your 150 dollar Anthropology shirts!

  2. What is it with the primary's being our of control with Valentine's around the corner?! Our primary was out of control too. Like you said hopefully next week is better. :)
    Your dinner sounds so good and looks so fun. What a great way to celebrate. Happy Valentine's day.