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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mazatlan for President's Day

This last weekend for President's Day so we headed to Mazatlan to hang out with Chris, Amy & even Teddy! It is a cheap flight for us out of Tijuana & since we have a nice place to stay for free, it almost makes sense to take a vacation to Mexico from Mexico. ha ok but really a change of setting is always nice especially with other people to hang out with & talk to. 
One of the highlights of the trip for me was eating at El Cuchupetas.I love this picture Jeremy got above with the waiters sitting on the curb.Cuchupetas is famous in Mazatlan. It is in a small neighborhood in Villa Union. They have expanded into 3 different houses, they are so popular. We actually ended up eating here twice & I am still craving it! (Which says a lot because I am not a huge fan of any food in MX)
We usually order the crawfish but since they were out of it we went with the shrimp, which was equally as pleasing & delicious. It may not look it, but with the magic sauce on top it is SO yummy!

Jeremy thoroughly enjoying his meal. Cuchupetas is a family owned restaurant, 1st generation father on the right of the picture below. He is sorta creepy looking.The rest of the trip I must have had a gallon of salsa (w chips of course) & 5 pina coladas! You just can't really go wrong with that combination!One thing I enjoy about Mazatlan is what the houses & bldgs lack in quality they make up for in color. I love how the paint everything such vibrant colors to help detract from the dirtiness. Here are some examples:Because Jeremy is incapable of going without golfing every second, I accompanied him twice  around the course. (I know I'm a good wife :)) I have to say it is a really pretty course with lush greens, a view of the ocean & a million palm trees.
I just worked on my photography skills to keep me entertained.

I love these built in tunnels.
I'm glad he enjoys golfing, bet seriously it is so boring...
Good thing I had Amy to hang out with! We were lucky enough to get full body massages & facials! I have never had a facial but really enjoyed it & wish I could get them more often. Just makes your skin feel so fresh & smooth. It was so funny because the the Mexican ladies LOVED Teddy! The seriously went gaga over him. It must be cultural because they all talked in the same baby voice & had no problem squeezing him & asking to hold him right off the bat. Teddy didn't seem to mind :)
SInce we stayed on the resort most of the time we had a lot of down time. It was really nice to read & watch some movies. Teddy really liked watching t.v as well, he even had his own spot on the couch..
The Kemp clan. The picture of Jer & I was too horrendous to post.We stopped by to visit the baby turtles of course. They save tons of turtles every year that would have not survived on their own, due to predators & poachers. Last time we were in Mazatlan we were lucky enough to see the whole process of the turtle digging out the sand & laying the eggs.Unfortunately this time around the weather was not that great. The first 2 days it was pretty cold & windy. Plus with the added humidity it just made everything feel damp.. I had to keep wearing this ghostbuster zip up I brought just to lounge in. Anyways it did warm up one day, so I was happy we could go to the pool at least once.How cute is this picture of Amy & Teddy? Wedgie an all :)Here are a couple shots of the lovely house we get to stay in. It is beautiful, but can get pretty creepy at night, feeling like you are in an old haunted castle or something. I did get frightened the first night when it was just Jeremy & me...Well there you have it. That basically sums up our weekend more in pictures than in words. I was pleasantly surprised that every thing went smoothly, nothing got stolen & I didn't get sick. Success!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful trip. For a moment of my day I acted like I was in Mazatlan eating good food, basking in the sun, and swimming in the pool. The moment didn't last long before reality hit me and I looked out the window to it snowing.
    Oh, OHHH Mexico . . .