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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cute Kiddo's

This weekend was full of cute kiddo's. 
Cute kiddo #1 and the easiest to photograph is:
Cute kiddo # 2 was not so easy to get pictures of, but with bribes we still managed...
 Kiddo # 3 is the only one not related to me, but is too cute not to post:
It was so sweet to watch these two cute boys play.
On Saturday we took Truman & Teddy with us to Fashion Island. They were so cute & fun.
Teddy was always smiling. Truman wanted to shop just like Jer..
If only he could see how cute he was in this hat :)

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  1. Cassie! These pics of the boys are sooooo cute! Seriously, they look amazing. I'm going to send the pic of Ainsley to Sarah. . .she must see this one!