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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Renegade..

So last saturday I was lucky enough to attend the Renegade Craft Fair In LA.
(Thanks to my sister in law Erin for bringing it to my attention.)
And it was a girls craft dream!
It ended up being super hot & got very crowded, but I won't complain too much.
Amy & I got there a little before it started to make sure we didn't miss any of the good stuff!

I totally want to get one of these to put on a coffee table.

Embroidery & Needlepointing are my new obsessions. I never will be capable to needlepoint but am working on an embroidery piece right now! Pictures coming soon.

I bought some pretty colored felt from OhMaFelt for some projects I am working on.

I love the concept of threadless tees. Artists (who could be you) submit artwork & then everyone votes on whether it should be a new print for a T-shirt. They have the best selection & cute kids stuff too. So I loved seeing there booth there! Check threadless out!

Amy & I made our first purchase at GNOME ENTERPRISES which had cool prints. We especially liked the below Pac Man ones & though our men would appreciate them since they love nintendo!

Jer is such a dork!

How cute is little Truman in his matching shirt!

I also grabbed this belt for Jer from Bare Tree Apparel because he broke his white one he always wears.

One of my favorite purchases I got from ohhellofriend a blog I love to follow. I am in love with my birdcage necklace. She had a lot of other cute items, but I only had so much $$.
I loved this nice guy and all his posters! I never ended up getting one though because I couldn't decide which one I wanted.
I had to get this shirt with Diesel on it, I love repping pugs :) From Squid Ink Kollective.

There are so many headbands now a days but I thought these too beat the rest so I added them to my slim collection. From Bobby Soxie on etsy.

Me with my new headband. In a haze apparently? 

Last but not least these cute clips from Beyond Wonderland. I am loving these little russian dolls lately.

Well that's all my purchases though there were MANY other things I wanted! (I will blog about those tommorrow.)
Anyways I had tons of fun & glad Amy could come with me. I really enjoy hanging out with her & am so glad we are sister in laws!

Can't wait till Renegade next year!

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