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Friday, July 16, 2010

Fireworks on the 4th

So after dinner we came back to my parents house & hung out outside while watching the little kids run around & Nick and his friends skateboard. It is so fun to have that many people together, & the weather was perfect.
Then we all hopped into the back of Landon's truck and headed over to the Davis fireworks. Which was nice because we had front row parking thanks to one of my dad's buddies.
When we got home we got out the sparklers! I had always wanted to take a picture making a shape with the sparklers and luckily Erin knew how to set my camera! So here are the awesome pics I got :)

So on the actually 4th we played frisbee football at the park which was tons of fun with some of our extended Potter side. Brooks + Danielle, Cammi + Joe, Becky + Steve, Brooke + Vaughn, and of course all the kids. Later that night Jer did a fireworks show for all of us since his friend Ty talbot had given him a load of fireworks. Our favorite was one that shot out a little army guy that parachuted down. It was so fun to watch all the little kids chase after it to catch it. A couple landed on our neighbors roof.. whoops.
All in all it was a successful holiday and lots of fun.
Can't wait till next year :)

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