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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Parading 4th.

So I think I have officially decided. My top three holidays are:
*4th of July
Which is saying a lot for the 4th since christmas you get presents and halloween you get to dress up and go to haunted houses! :) Not that those are the only reasons but I just love the feeling of these holidays and getting the family all together.
This 4th of July was Jer & I's first as a married couple. We basically had our first date two years ago, on the 4th of July. So I guess it could kind of be our 2 year anniversary in a way, though we have only been married 10 months. Anyways.. sorry for the random tangent.
So this 4th was so fun just being with loads of family, cousins & friends.
So first was the Farmington parade:

Ya my husband likes to ruin every picture.
This was the only real decent float.
Only in Utah would they have a float about going to church.. haha
Gotta love the farmington parade..
Unfortunately Jeremy stupidly planned to golf in the middle of all this...
lesson learned he will not be doing that next year!

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