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Friday, July 16, 2010

the 4th continued..

So after the parade we went home, changed into our suits and headed over to my dad's buddy chads house.
We ate hot dogs and swam in the pool. It was fun cause we had a bunch of kids with us, related to us through meg. It was fun but the whole time I was wishing Jer was with me instead of golfing...
Here are the boys: ethan, harrison & jaxon.
My brother Landon & his wife Meg with Olivia, who is Meg's niece.

I think this picture is adorable. Meg will be such a cute mom!
So after the BBQ I hooked back up with my hubs and we headed over to Oakridge for the traditional Kemp 4th of July buffet dinner.

It was really fun & the weather was perfect. I actually love buffets too :) It's not the best food in the world but I just love being able to have so many options!
How cute are we all dressed up in red white & blue.
Next up fireworks!

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