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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kingsley is 5 months!

And another month bites the dust! Five months which scares me knowing in just one more I will have had him for half of a year.. This whole parenting thing is so crazy sometimes!
 So after I started giving King bottles every time after I nursed him he really chunked up! So lately it seems like I nurse him to sleep only about 5 min on each side & then he will take 8oz of Formula when he wakes up. I am surprised he even will still nurse at all, but am sad to know it probably wont last much longer :(
Anyways as far as other changes at 5 months:
*He only sleeps on his stomach. It really freaked me out at first, but I can't stop him. The second I lay him down he rolls over on to his belly. The stranger thing is the fact that he has not figured out how to roll from his belly back to his back. (from what I read in books my son has done this backwards.. most babies learn front to back first)
*This kid sucks on everything all the time. My shoulders and arms are always soaked with slobber.
*Lately he loves to scream. Not a cry scream, but a talking scream. Seems like he figured out that the sound is coming from him & he thinks it is awesome. It sort of hurts your ears though, so I hope he quiets it down some.
*One of my favorite things he does at 5 months is to talk himself to sleep, it's just so sweet.
He has finally grasped the concept of naps, which I am thrilled about. They aren't always consistent, but way better than the random 30mins he was doing before.
*He loves to grab his feet, and stare at his hands outstretched.
*He has a death grip that hurts so bad when he pinches your skin!
*He loves seeing the dog & always giggles when he runs by or barks.
*Kingsley got sick for the first time :( He got a cold & I swear he had it almost all month. It really threw off his night sleep. For three weeks straight he kept waking up at 3:30am which was the worst after he had been sleeping thru the night! I was feeling so sleep deprived & frustrated that I finally let him cry it out one night.. Luckily that is all it took & he is back to sleeping 10 hours or so. phew!
Here is his progression from one month to five. Crazy right? Apperance wise he has mostly just gotten chubbier & lighter thinner hair.
King is still such a happy smiley baby which we love. I can really tell he knows me now & even tries to reach for me sometimes :)
Love this little one too much! See previous months:


  1. What a cutie you've got there!


  2. he is sooo sweet!! love those onesies :)

  3. love your blog and his name! so precious! where did you get the onesies that have the different months?

    1. Thanks so much! I know the onesies are the greatest right? I bought them from: http://shop.weddingchicks.com/on-to-baby