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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kingsley is two months!

My sweet sweet baby is already two months old!! I'm sure I will say this every month, but he is just growing up way too fast!
Two month stats:
weight: 10 pounds 15 ounces, 32nd percentile
height: 24 inches, 86th percentile
head: 67th percentile
So basically he is tall and skinny with a huge head.
I don't see a ton of change with these pictures from one to two months, still adorable though :)

Kingsley at two months is just such a sweetheart! He is such a happy baby & is constantly smiling and talking. Or trying to talk anyways ;). He especially loves when we talk to him, Jeremy says he needs to be entertained just like his mom. IDK.. He has progressed to sleeping 7-8 hours waking up once to nurse & then going right back to sleep for a couple more hours which is awesome. I know I am lucky he sleeps this well already, but I am looking forward to when he stays down for the whole night. I plan on putting him in his crib and sleep training him at three months so any advice you mothers have please share! 
One of Kingsley's favorite hobbies right now is to have us hold him so he can stand up on his legs. He smiles like he is so proud of himself.
My only complaint as of late is that he has started slobbering & spitting up. But hey he can't be perfect right?
Who are we kidding I'm his mom, I even think his spit is cute :)


  1. He is so stinkin cute cass! The picture of him smiling is adorable. And I am so obsessed with your onesies, which I'm guessing you made yourself, miss crafter extraordinaire.

  2. So cute!! Still waiting for you to post your nursery!!