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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kingsley is 4 months!

Like is this serious!!?? My baby is four months old! I can't stand it, I just want him to stay a baby forever.
I have been a little concerned Kingsley was going to have a giant head. So when the nurse came in & did his stats I was so sad to hear his head was in the 100th percentile! I thought it was on the large size, but not that huge. Anyways our doctor came in to double check, he remeasured and to my relief his head is only in the 53rd percentile. The nurse had put in 43 inches instead of centimeters!
 Anyways his 4 month stats were:

71% for height at 25.5 inches
53% head circumference at 42 cm
9% for weight at 12 lbs

So his head seems larger because he is so tall & skinny. So obviously it was a concern that he was only in the 9th percentile for weight. So we start the whole not enough breast milk dilemma again. This time I don't stress because I just don't know how to figure it out. I'm sure I'm not eating enough calories, I'm positive I don't drink enough water but I just may not produce enough :) My mother did not make enough either. So Kingsley does a bottle after every nursing now, and I am afraid he will soon discontinue nursing all together :( But as long as he is healthy and happy I'm just gonna go with the flow because I can't worry about my milk production anymore. 
 I would like to say he has changed so much and is growing like a weed, but unfortunately that is not the case. He looks about the same, but he definitely has learned a lot of new tricks!
Kingsley has found his voice at this point and loves to talk and scream to himself. I mean it really is a loud screech. It's pretty cute now, but I can see it getting annoying if he keeps it up ;) I swear he says HI al the time, probably because we say it to him a lot. He laughs a little bit more now, mostly when he is tired and delirious. He loves to play with his hands and feet and suck on everything. He has rolled over a couple times from front to back as well as back to front. Freaked me out so bad the first time when I looked at his monitor and saw that he was face down!
The transition from 3 to 4 months has been a rough one for me. All the sudden I was supposed to have a baby with a structured schedule. I think he is a little behind since we traveled so much the last month which resulted in sparatic nap times where mostly he was being held. It says he should be napping 4-6 hours during the day, where I am lucky to get 3 hours on a good day. He goes down very easily but usually wakes up after 45 minutes or so. He is still so happy though, and my doctor says not to worry since he is sleeping so well at night. He has gone 11 hours straight a couple nights with the record high of 11.5! Don't get me wrong it is still a roller coaster as some nights he wakes up after 5-7 hours but what can you do. His bed time is around 8-8:30 at this point. He wakes up most morning just chatting to himself.

This month he has noticed Diesel for the first time, which is sort of funny. He holds his head up and loves to sit in his bumbo. He loves to snuggle soft blankies to his face and still plays mostly with his ball. He wears 3-6 tops, and 0-3 bottoms, though sometimes they can be floods. He finds that girl bottoms show off his figure a little better.
Love this little Mr. to the moon & back and could seriously kiss him all day long!


  1. He is so handsome!! Nursing is so frustrating sometimes, I'm sorry:( Oh and Knox's head is always in the 99% percentile, so I know how you feel about worrying about a big head!

  2. Kingsley just has the cutest face!! so darling!!