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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let the blogging begin.

Right now I am at a hotel in mexico city.
Jer is asleep in the other bed. Yes they gave us a room with 2 twins?
I got to tag along on a business trip.
Well it worked out that my father in law brought my camera usb cord. Yay! 
So I am going to cover my last week in Utah starting on friday.

Landon and Meghan were kind enough to pick me up at the airport and we meet my mom, dad, jaxon, jonny & sam at crown burger. I wasn't hungry but it grossed me out a little cause it reminded me of mexico. I just really don't like much about mexico besides the weather.

After (minus meg & landon) we went to the jazz game.
Amazing people watching place.
I felt like an old lady though because the whole game I had to plug my ears. It just seemed too loud, and I left the game with a headache. 
My dad did buy me a frozen yogurt which made me super happy because I crave them tons in Mexico.

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