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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back from Utah!

I just recently got back from visiting my family and friends in utah for the last 10 days!
To prove it:
 I have new bangs :) 
a cold sore  :( 
a sweet painting of diesel from my sister in law :)
new crafting items :)
 6 blisters on my toes from shopping with high heels on :( 
brand new clothes :) 
and last but not least tons of fun memories to hold on to if I get lonely back here in mexico!!
(Disclaimer- I did not get to see ALL the family & friends I wanted to while in Utah so to those people I am so sorry and hope to see you soon!)

Well I was going to tell you all about my trip by posting some of the million pictures I took... but after unpacking and searching thru all our stuff, my dad confirmed that I had left the camera cord that hooks up to the computer in utah.
So sad..
this kind of ruins my blogging plans..
so until I can get it back not much will happen here :(

But I do want to go here:
with the closest location to me being here:

I would love some company if anyone wants to come along!!??
If not I will have to drag Jeremy with me & I don't think he will appreciate that.

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  1. Hey Cassie I just came across your blog randomly, and I found it very entertaining to read. I am super impressed with your craftiness... Kudos on the dress you made, it looks like something I for sure would buy off Modcloth!!