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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fine.. Mexico/Mazatlan

So even though my trip ended with me feeling horribly sick, there were some good moments. So here are a few pics from my trip:
So we were in Mexico City for Jeremy to work, but when they finished we took a day and went to the pyramids. I did not know they were climb-able so I wasn't pumped when jer said I had to climb, because I was wearing black pants and flip flops. I can say I was glad for the work out and proud once I was done, though I don't really ever want to do it again! 
These pictures are of Jer and his partners place in Mazatlan, which is where we went after Mexico City just for 2 days. It is a really nice resort.
The last day they had planned that we drive up to this city in the hills to eat at this neat restaurant, that supposedly had famous banana cream pie. I was hesitant to go in the morning because I had indigestion all morning and constantly needed to go to the bathroom. Jer convinced me to come and promised we would stop to go the the bathroom's as much as I needed. Well we had to stop a couple times on the way up to the place and the car ride was a little wind-ey but it was ok until after dinner... 
Then all hell broke loose! As you can see in this picture I started feeling awful and burning up. That led to the most sick I have ever felt and getting to spend tons of time in gross mexican bathrooms with no toilet paper trying to throw up to make myself feel better. The 30 min drive probably took us an hour for how many times I had to stop and run to a bathroom. I slept some when we got back but then had to catch our flight even though I cried to Jeremy about traveling. Luckily the plane ride went alright, but then we had the 4 hour trek back to San Felipe.. That part didn't end well. Some of the road there is just dirt and really rough and my stomach just couldn't take it. I felt really sick most of the way back and of course there was no where to stop so I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of nowhere. It was SO awesome.
Thank you mexico.
I hate your guts!
Love Cassie


  1. i think that is the story of my life- just not in mexico. I feel for you. good thing you are still gorgeous!

  2. Ha thanks Carly! Maybe we were just born with weak immune systems?