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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


These are some of my wednesday wants.  On any given day I can probably think of a million things I want, but I have limited myself to only 5 a week.
*I WANT to see my family, but mostly little Atlas because I feel so sad he is growing bigger and I am not there to watch him.
*I WANT this statement necklace from Etsy.
*I WANT the adorable Mr. X from blabla kids.  I know a future little one would love him as much as I already do.
* I WANT and would really love to own this cute red and polka dot dress from Anthropologie. I also want it to cost less. :)
*I WANT to be back in the beautiful Fiji with my hubby!!

Well hopefully I get something off my want wish list.
xoxo Cass


  1. Hi cute Cassie! How awesome that you two are living in Mexico! I love it. Please keep posting about all your adventures. And I love all your DIY's.

    Dan and I will be in NYC for at least two more years - but as long as five.

    The border around my photos is actually from my iphone - the shake it polaroid app I think.

    Great to see you two via the www.

  2. Hey Cassie,
    I found hour blog through Kelli's, because sometimes I blog stalk. Fun to see what you're up to. Your posts crack me up. I am so jealous that you can sew. You must have gotten some creative talent from your mom. She was always getting me into different crafts. Glad you are doing well. We'll give you a call next time we're in Mexico:) ha ha

  3. Hey Nicole, I actually found your blog last week but unfortunately it's private. But I would love to be invited!! My email is cassiempotter@yahoo.com hope to see you and your cute kids soon at a family event or something!