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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In all randomness...

Randomness:Well last night I attempted to make shrimp pad thai from an online recipe I found. And the final result was:
It looked very nice but didn't taste so great. Jer said he liked it but I swear he will eat anything. I did however make some very good yellow curry the other day so I don't feel too bad about my cooking skills.

Crafts i would recommend for beginners. This simple purse and doggie pillow. Both are no more then 5 steps and look great. (In my opinion.)

And it was so cute when I found Diesel sleeping on his new bed with his dollie.:)

Who knew my favorite soda SPRITE would be the downfall of me one day...I drank out of this 2002 sprite bottle last weekend. I thought it was so cute vintage! But then I started to worry.. This is mexico, do they recycle things? So I am concerned they just found it on the street and filled it with sierra mist (that's what it tasted like, there is a difference I can tell.) So I may die soon from drinking out of this bottle, but it was just so cute!
Lastly, I got to spend the weekend up in the states, which was soooo fun! My cousin Brooke and her husband Vaughn were up in California and we got to get together with them one of the days. Jer and I both love their company and wished we lived closer to them. Just wanted to give them some love :)This picture isn't from last weekend (I neglected to take any :( but you get the idea.
Tata for now!


  1. Hey Cass you little crafter. How cute, I love that purse. So We are going to Utah the first week of June, and will be their till at least the end of July. I may even stay longer. Will you be up there at all during that time? I would love to get together.

  2. Oh wow that's awesome!! I'm sure I will be there some of the time & I would love to get together and meet your little ones. Have you sewn anything new lately?

  3. Hey, Cassie! I love reading your blog and I love that purse! Very cute. I may have to whip one of those up for the summer. I hope all is well down in Mexico!