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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Academy Awards..

Jer & I watched the AA with his brother and wife. All and all I found it to be very boring. Honestly the only thing I cared about were the dresses. That is the one reason I wish I was famous, (besides being rich of course) is to get to wear these amazing formal dresses that would be out of place anywhere else. But since I can't I will just critique the ones I saw.

First, dresses I hated:
This dress reminds me of Styrofoam that you put in packages with fragile things. Not good.

First off this dress does nothing for her figure, and mostly it just reminds me of what a fairy godmother would wear with a lot of gold glitter.

Sadly as much as I loved her old movies, this is pretty awful. Her hair, accessories, and dress are just all hideous.

I feel like with SJP I either love it or hate it. This one I hate, it's just weird.

Now onto dresses I loved.

I think this dress is very cute and romantic. I'm not necessarily in love with it on her skin tone but the dress itself is beautiful.

This dress I think is really cool. I love all the different textures mixed together with the black accents.

I thought this dress was really pretty. It is simple but has just the right amount of sparkle and fit her really well.

This dress I couldn't figure out:

I love the top and the bottom, but together they are a big mess! I don't know where the bottom would be appropriate, but the texture is so awesome.

And finally the dress I would wear:

I just love black you can never go wrong with that. It looks sleek, elegant, and sexy a perfect mix.


  1. I'm with you all the way. I only like to watch the award shows for the dresses.

    I sent you an invite the other morning, let me know if you didn't get it.

  2. I only disagree with you on SJP. I <3 everything she does. I'm glad you used the term "cute" for my belly because it is far beyond anything of the sort. But isn't that weird that I HAVE a huge belly? And when you step on the scale? crazy...
    Can't wait for you to go through this. it.is.crazy.

  3. Hey blair I got your invite but every time I try to accept the invitation it says there was an error with your request. I have been trying to figure it out, but am frustrated I can't. I don't know if it's because I sign in with yahoo instead of gmail but it won't let me switch so I'm lost!! Hopefully I can figure it out soon..

    Paige, what's the count down? It is a cute belly! I think pregnant people are so cute looking. I know they feel fat and all that but I think it's good for everyone to experience it!!

  4. Count down is 2 weeks. I'm hoping he comes this week though. I was expecting him to come today cause I had a cheer comp yesterday and was running around like crazy but alas... nothing. So boo the wait goes on.... I'll keep you updated though. Or my blog will :)