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Sunday, May 25, 2014

St George with the Perry's

Right after easter we headed down to St George to hang out with the Perry's! Sam is just a month older than Kingsley so it is fun to see their differences. Kingsley just chats away, but Samantha is so physically superior to him. So we joke that she's the brawn and he's the brains. These pictures are way out of order, but I'm too lazy to rearrange them so here goes!

One of the days when the boys were golfing we headed to a children's museum with the kids. It was perfect since it was a cooler day, but the place wasn't busy at all. The kids absolutely loved it!
 Kingsley hates shopping with me but the little grocery store was one of his favorite rooms :)
 Flying planes
 Samantha was quite the car technician :)
 One of my favorite shots of the kids at the airport :)
 Pretty sure Kingsley would be the cutest fireman around!
 Another day we headed to the splash park which is awesome. Sam just ran thru the thing without a care in the world and Kingsley cautiously walked around with his ball :)
I kept throwing his ball out in the middle of the fountain hoping the water would turn on and get him wet, but he got luck every time :)
One afternoon we headed to the pool! The kids loved getting in the hot tub even though it wasn't allowed ;)
Check out this sweet thing in the suit I made him!
Hudson loves the water :)
Wes's parents were sweet enough to watch all the kids for a night while we went to dinner, the boys did a little golf shopping, and swig after. So fun to hang out just adults!
Probably Kingsley's favorite part of the trip was riding on the carousal near the water park. King and Sam would have gone around a billion times on this thing!
Love that smiling face!
It was such a great trip, we can't thank the Perry's enough for hosting us!

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