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Monday, May 26, 2014

Hudson is 7 months!

It has happened again! My child just keeps growing! My handsome little guy is 7 months old.
This little guy has changed so much from last month. He has started to crawl which is probably the biggest change. I set him down and he rolls or army crawls to the other side of the room. This kid is pretty determined to get whatever he wants or go wherever. He is very interested in toys. He loves when Kingsley dumps out all his toys and he has a million things to play with. He doesn't stay focused on one thing too long though. He also climbs on everything. This is dangerous since he doesn't quite have the balance for it yet. He pulls himself up a drawer or shelf and then usually ends up falling on his face :( So although he is pretty physically mature, it makes me nervous because he is not scared of anything.
Hudsons schedule is pretty consistent. We put him down around 8-8:30 he sleeps until 7am eats and sleeps till 9 or so. On occasion he has slept in until 8am which I am hoping he will start transitioning him to. We are almost there, having him sleep all the way through the night! Kinda crazy that I haven't really slept in for 7 months. Anyways during the day he still takes two naps, one around 11am and another at around 2pm or whenever I put Kingsley down. His naps range from around 1-2 hours. Hudson still likes to be nursed to sleep and cuddles with his snuggly.
Hudson is the best eater. He eats all the baby food I give him and doesn't seem to care at all what it is. So far he has had banana, peas, green beans, peaches, avocado, carrots, squash and pears. He also likes the dissolvable puffs. I love watching him try to get the tiny puffs to his mouth :) Although I shouldn't he has also loved to chew on fries. He still nurses around 4 times a day. I'm sure I don't make a ton of milk, but he gets a couple ounces before he falls to sleep. He still drinks from a bottle just ok. He only will do a couple ounces at a time and then gets distracted and won't finish the rest. The only time he will finish a whole 6-8 ounces is when he is drinking a bottle in the dark when I am putting him to bed.
Hudson is a feisty little guy. He has such a funny personality! He is either the happiest, smiliest boy or screaming bloody murder. I guess I would say he is pretty dramatic. He doesn't have different levels of cries, I can't tell the difference between a hurt cry, a hungry cry, or just a bored cry. Sometimes he screams when he isn't being held. He is just a particular guy, but he is usually a happy clam if he is being held :)
Hudson is a big time momma's boy. Actually besides Kingsley and Jeremy he is not a fan of boys. He throws a fit if I let either of the grandpas hold him.. He loves me, my mom, and Prezley the most. A true ladies man I guess :)
I love my little buddy always attached to my hip. He loves Kingsley and Diesel. He gets so excited when either of them get near him. He just wants to be a big boy I guess.

Hudson still has his awesome eye lashes and cute dimples. His hair has stayed dark which is fun. He just doesn't really remind me of Jeremy or me so it will be interesting to see who he ends up looking like.
Of course King wanted to take his pictures since Hudson was :)
Love this little goof!

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  1. i love looking at pictures of your babies!! they have the cutest smiles! I swear Hudson was just born! Miss you! xo